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High Pressure Power Plant Gate Valve


High Pressure Power Plant Gate Valve Manufacturer, High Pressure Power Plant Forging Gate Valve, ASTM A182 F92, DN150, PN320, BW Ends, high temperature Working. Size: DN150 Pressure Rating: PN320 Body Material: ASTM A182 F92 Connect Ends: BW Manufactured by open die forging (free forging), apply for high pressure high temperature working condition in power plant and chemical plant.The Features: Low chance of voids. Better fatigue resistance. Improved microstructure. Continuous grain flow. Finer grain size. Greater strength. Open die forging is drop forging process that metal is getting deformed for desire shapes without any limitation between the top and bottom anvils in all directions utilizing power or pressure. So it is also named as free forging. Compared with the casting, open die forging eliminates the defects such as shrinkage, gas holes, porosity, etc. So materials after open die forging have higher mechanical properties. https://www.weldonvalves.com/

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