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Basic Info:Name:AndrostenedioneApearance:White powderCAS:23139MF:C19H26O2MW:286.41Shipment:EMS,DHL,TNT,UPS,FedxPackage:disguisedPayment: Bank Transfer,Bitcoin,WU,MoneyGramEstrogen powder 4-Androstenedione / Androstenedione CAS 63-05-8 raw materialsWe also supply this steroid hormones including testosterone enanthate,trenbolone acetate,boldenone undecylenate,testo cypionate,dianabol, winstrol and so on, welcome to inquire us if you need it, then we give you reasonable price Factory Direct Supply and send to your address within 24 hours after we receive your payment.Androstenedione CAS No: 63-05-8 Molecular Formula: C19H26O2 Molecular Weight: 286.41Molecular Structure:Packing: 5kg (aluminum cans) Specification: 99% Heavy 10PPM Rotation +193 ° - +202 ° Loss on drying 0.5% impurity 1% steroid hormone Characters: near white crystalline powder, soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water Uses: Simplified hormone drugs, from the testis or urine extracted with the role of a male hormone steroids, norethisterone, testosterone propionate in the middle Body, is widely used in small rheumatoid arthritis, diuretic, and a variety of contraceptive to control infectious inflammation.Competitive Advantage:1. Best prices with satisfied quality, great quality and purity.2. Perfect packing, rich experienced and safe, fast delivery.3. Enough stock ensure the prompt delivery time .4. Good after-sales service.Welcome inquiry and trying, here is Amy serving.If more details,emails pls.

  • Purchase Type:  Raw materials.
  • Quantity:  100kg
  • Packaging:  disguised
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • PriceTerms:  1
  • Delivery Lead Time:  5-7 days
  • Information validity to:  2018-9-27
  • Contact Preference:  Any clients who are interested in our products, just click our website or call us.

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    Yu Amy
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    No. 388, Huangshan Rd, Tianyuan District zhuzhou hunan
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